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Custom Wood Signs: Best Decor for a Rustic Wedding

Posted on September 17 2019

Custom Wood Signs: Best Decor for a Rustic Wedding

 Custom wood signs are a decoration you need at your rustic wedding. Not only are they helpful signage for guests, but they’re fun to design and fun to display.  

Whether you’re welcoming your guests to your big day, directing them to your ceremony or reception, displaying the wedding menu, drink offerings, wedding hashtag and more, there are so many opportunities to add a custom wood sign so you can personalize your big day. 

Rustic weddings are popular, and so are our craft wood signs!     

Personalize Your Wedding With Our Custom Wood Signs

Wedding should be personal and wedding signs add that personal touch. So why not add some custom wood signs for your ceremony and reception? Where could charming, custom and personalized wood wedding signs be useful on your day?  

All of our craft wood signs are made with Authentic Reclaimed Wood Barrel Heads from a Hardwood Oak. Sanded and sealed for a lifetime of beauty, we even include a heavy duty D-Ring Wire to make hanging your custom sign easy. Due to the real aging process used in production, you'll usually see imperfections in the wood, which will give your rustic-themed wedding a nice touch.    

Personalize your rustic wedding with our custom wood signs! Great for welcome signs, ceremony decor, directional signs, cocktail and dinner menu signs, and more so you can make your big day your own.  

Design your own wedding sign so that you can take them home after the celebration and display them in your home! Who knows, maybe you’ll even fall head over heels for one of our designs -- they also make great gifts.