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Customizable Signs for Anyone & Everyone

Posted on December 10 2019

Customizable Signs for Anyone & Everyone

At Craft Bar Signs, we not only offer hundreds of designs to choose from, but we also offer customizable options and the ability to personalize so you can make your sign your very own.


Get fully customizable, personalized craft bar signs on authentic bourbon barrel heads, right here. Great for sprucing up the man cave, showing off your family name, and more! Our customizable signs also make the perfect gifts.

 custom printed barrel heads

Turn heads by adding your family name or company name to our custom personalized signs. You can also add important dates, favorite quotes and slogans. Below are our different themes for our custom personalized signs that you can choose from.


  • Married/ Wedding couples
  • Family Names, Emblems, Letters
  • Home Movie Theater
  • Man Cave
  • Bar Signs
  • Vineyards
  • Winery, Cocktails, Whiskey
  • Tiki Bar


All of our crafted signs are made with Authentic Reclaimed Wood Barrel Heads from a Hardwood Oak. Each sanded and sealed for a lifetime of beauty, we also include a heavy duty D-Ring Wire so you can easily hang your personalized sign in your home for everyone to see.